About Steve Wolfe Photography

Steve Wolfe Steve Wolfe earned a BS in Professional Photography from Rochester Institute of Technology in 1983 and has been photographing architecture exclusively for over 20 years. He believes that a successful photograph depends on careful composition and appropriate lighting. Steve has developed a reputation for his creative ability to bring out the finest qualities of a project with his photography.

After using a 4 X 5 view camera to photograph architecture for twenty years, Steve has transitioned to digital photography. This has resulted in an extremely careful approach to composition using traditional view camera techniques while taking advantage of the newest available technologies. Whenever possible, Steve scouts a location in advance to determine the best angles, lighting conditions, and time of day to photograph. If advance scouting is not possible, Steve will review site plans, existing progress photos, and other materials to gather as much information as possible about a project prior to the shoot. This preparation allows him to make efficient use of his time while on site, capturing numerous compositions to offer his client. Afterwards, he uses the latest technology to enhance and optimize the digital files in order to deliver the best possible photographs.

Good communication with every client is important to Steve in order to insure that their specific needs are met. He has developed long-term relationships with many satisfied customers due to his attention to detail and his dynamic photographic compositions. Steve has helped many clients to win numerous design and construction awards through his ability to emphasize a project's unique features in an aesthetic manner while conveying the intention of the design.